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Breathtaking pictures of Russian meteorite

A professional photographer today told of the moment he feared a nuclear bomb had gone off when the Russian meteorite tore through the sky as he took pictures of an idyllic rural scene.

Marat Akhmetaleyev, 31, had just set up his tripod when the space rock lit up the crisp, morning sky almost where his camera was pointing.

Despite trembling with shock, he instinctively started to snap away.

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Martin Stranka announces his new book

After such amazing and adventurous 5 years art journey photographer Martin Stranka finally decided it\'s time to turn all his photos into a unique thing - a beautiful art book. And he needs your help to realise a photo book because Martin is launching a new book project using crowdfunding. Please visit and support his campaign here and get your own book copy.

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Images from outer space

Chris Hadfield (@cmdr_hadfield) is a man on mission. Albeit, he can’t be found. Not on this planet at least. Chris Hadfield is currently busy orbiting the Earth 16 times a day on the International Space Station. But, he is not just any other run-of-the-mill astronaut. Yeah, he operates a 17metre long robotic arm called Canadarm2, is responsible for maintenance tasks and conducts umpteen experiments. But, Hadfield is also a photographer who is snapping and tweeting the images from outer space.  On display are his photographs of a magnificent view of our paradise unlike any we earthlings usually witness.

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Major attractions of CES 2013

As the first major showcase for digital imaging industry in 2013 got underway, we were wondering what new cameras would spike our interest. Slotted between Photokina of last year and CP+ which would soon take off at the end of this month, this year’s edition of CES proved to be a perfect platform for major manufacturers to keep the curiosity going. As is customary of CES, the pocketable compacts were the major releases. Almost all the major players in the imaging market had their new compact cameras released. WiFi compatibility was also a common denominator in almost all the releases. This signaled good times ahead as sharing on Android compatible cameras with WiFi compatibility would be a breeze and so would be gaining access to myriad apps available on the Android market.

From Android powered Polaroid (world’s first interchangeable lens camera running Android) to Fujifilm upping the ante with its X100, we have the top announcements that caught our attention.

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Lomography’s 20th Anniversary

As you might have heard, we’re celebrating Lomography’s 20th anniversary at the moment. Two decades ago, the Lomographic Society International was founded, initially focused around the allure of the Russian LC-A camera. Lomography quickly grew and now has embassies and gallery stores all around the world, offering a wide selection of analogue cameras, films and accessories.

We’ve come up with various ways to celebrate our anniversary. On our very special microsite, we’ve put together a selection of hidden gems for you to enjoy. Consider this your treasure trove of analogue goodness. Over the next 12 months, we’ll update you with the best photos, articles and random goodies from Lomography history.

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