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175 years in the making

Time Magazine Is Counting Down The Most Influential Images in Human History.

The Afghan Girl, Tiananmen Square, The JFK Assassination, Che Guevara, The Blue Dot. All of these images have stories behind them, often fascinating and usually not well known or understood by the broader public. Time Magazine will be counting down the world’s 100 most influential images over the next month, beginning on November 17.

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The 2016 Pulitzer Prizes

The 100th Pulitzer Prize winners were announced on April 18, 2016. Here’s a list of all the winners…


Public Service - Associated Press

For an investigation of severe labor abuses tied to the supply of seafood to American supermarkets and restaurants, reporting that freed 2,000 slaves, brought perpetrators to justice and inspired reforms.

Breaking News Reporting - Los Angeles Times Staff

For exceptional reporting, including both local and global perspectives, on the shooting in San Bernardino and the terror investigation that followed.

Investigative Reporting - Leonora LaPeter Anton and Anthony Cormier of the Tampa Bay Times and Michael Braga of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune

For a stellar example of collaborative reporting by two news organizations that revealed escalating violence and neglect in Florida mental hospitals and laid the blame at the door of state officials.

Explanatory Reporting - T. Christian Miller of ProPublica and Ken Armstrong of The Marshall Project

For a startling examination and exposé of law enforcement's enduring failures to investigate reports of rape properly and to comprehend the traumatic effects on its victims.

Local Reporting - Michael LaForgia, Cara Fitzpatrick and Lisa Gartner of the Tampa Bay Times

For exposing a local school board's culpability in turning some county schools into failure factories, with tragic consequences for the community. (Moved by the Board from the Public Service category, where it was also entered.)

National Reporting - The Washington Post Staff

For its revelatory initiative in creating and using a national database to illustrate how often and why the police shoot to kill and who the victims are most likely to be.

International Reporting - Alissa J. Rubin of The New York Times

For thoroughly reported and movingly written accounts giving voice to Afghan women who were forced to endure unspeakable cruelties.

Feature Writing - Kathryn Schulz of The New Yorker

For an elegant scientific narrative of the rupturing of the Cascadia fault line, a masterwork of environmental reporting and writing.

Commentary - Farah Stockman of The Boston Globe

For extensively reported columns that probe the legacy of busing in Boston and its effect on education in the city with a clear eye on ongoing racial contradictions.

Criticism - Emily Nussbaum of The New Yorker

For television reviews written with an affection that never blunts the shrewdness of her analysis or the easy authority of her writing.

Editorial Writing - John Hackworth of Sun Newspapers, Charlotte Harbor, FL

For fierce, indignant editorials that demanded truth and change after the deadly assault of an inmate by corrections officers.

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Abd Doumany Wins Photo of the Year 2016 at Anadolu Agency's 2nd Istanbul Photo Awards

Taken by Syrian photographer Abd Doumany for AFP, a powerful image showing a deep well of emotion in the eyes of a wounded boy, encapsulating the horror of the last several years in Syria, was chosen Photo of the Year 2016 by the international jury of the 2nd Istanbul Photo Awards.

Taken in a makeshift hospital after a bombing, the photo is a very loud call to the world, expressed by the quiet gaze in the boy’s eyes. The expression on the boy’s face is a plea. It speaks directly to the world as the direct focus and attention on the situation in Syria now. The photo also underlines the reasons for the refugee crisis.

Sergey Ponomarev won first prize for Single News he took for New York Times, while Santi Palacios won first prize for Story News he covered for Getty Images. Ian MacNicol was awarded for Single Sports, Valery Sharifulin got first prize for Story Sports and Jury awarded Minzayar Oo with the Honour Award. For an overview of all the winners, visit: http://istanbulphotoawards.com/

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