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Signs you’ve done too much Editing on your Photos

Say what you want, editing is fun. Playing with exposures, changing moods through colours, and filters – oh God, the filters – give you a high that’s just too hard to recover from. So much so, that you end up completely relying on your photo editing tool for your photography. This, however, is bad on two parts – first, you don’t put as much effort into clicking raw (there’s always a photo corrector tool back home, right?), and second, you don’t realise how far you’ve gone with your editing.

A good way to stop relying on your photo editor so much is to draw the line. The line that dictates how far it is okay to go before your photo starts looking made up. To help you with that, here are some signs you need to detect:

Sign #1: The details are lost.

Photography is all about getting the details right. However, if adjusting the colours and white balance has taken away the very details you wanted to capture, you know it’s time to hit “undo”. Don’t overexpose or underexpose either. It’ll only tarnish the highlights of the image and leave you with nothing but hazy outcome.

Source: http://photographyconcentrate.com/

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Buying a Tripod for the First Time? Here’s Things to Keep in Mind

If you’ve made up your mind to purchase your first tripod, congratulations on moving a step up in the world of photography! You now understand the importance of tripods; how they help in reducing shake, composing complicated shots and clicking in despicable light conditions. But, ultimately, how do you make the right choice? There’s so much to be considered!

Source: http://cdn.picturecorrect.com/

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What is a Tilt-Shift Lens?

There are so many specialised lenses in the market that one is bound to lose track of them all. One such hidden gem is a tilt-shift lens. It is one of those lenses that you don’t think you need till you try it for the first time. Tilt-Shift lens is one of the most underused and probably even the least understood one.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/

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5 Things Successful Photographers Legit Don’t Do!

So, here’s what successful photographers do: successful photographers develop patterns, specialise in subjects, and learn from their failures. What they don’t do, is the following. Now would be a great time to redo your habits, no? #justsaying

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#WeddingPhotographySpecial: How to Stand Out in a Sea of Competition?

It all looks the same. Vibrant colours. Tons of bling. Exceptional lighting. And, beaming faces. Unfortunately, this, is where it stops. Believe it or not, wedding photography has become saturated with the same ideas recycled for different clients. And, if you’re a budding photographer, how can you even begin to compete with the pros? What is it that you have and they don’t (apart from slightly cheaper prices)? Perhaps, the following pointers could help:

Source: http://www.ramitbatra.com/

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