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Watch the glass!

What is the most important part of your camera? To all those who answered “lens”, you’re on the right track! There are many who believe that the power of the camera lies in the body or the accessories, but let’s take a close look at whether that is true.

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Digital Zoom: The myth

Digital cameras have for long been marketed on more than one count: megapixel count and zoom level. Of the two, megapixel count has been projected more appropriately than zoom levels. The lines between optical and digital zoom are often blurred and marketers often combine the two to tell buyers that they are getting a 12X zoom camera. In reality, what you may be buying is a 4X optical zoom multiplied by 3X digital zoom that makes it 12X. So what’s the big deal, really? Optical, digital… zoom is zoom, right? Wrong.

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CCD or CMOS? The argument continues

Digital Cameras have become extremely common as the prices have come down. One of the drivers behind the falling prices has been the introduction of CMOS image sensors. CMOS sensors are much less expensive to manufacture than CCD sensors.

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Basics of Digital Photography

Digital photography has many advantages over traditional film photography. Digital photos are convenient, allow you to see the results instantly, don\'t require the costs of film and developing, and are suitable for software editing and uploading to the Internet. While shooting on film will always have a place in the world of photography, digital models have taken over the consumer camera market almost completely. If you own or are planning to buy a digital camera, this article will take you beyond point-and-shoot and help you get more out of it.

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