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Here’s how you Can Improve Your Composition Skills

No matter how much emphasis you give to composition techniques, it still seems less. If you are able to master the art of composition, half your battle is won! In the end, photography is all about how you place the elements. It is about how you tell your story to your viewers. There is no rulebook for mastering composition. Yes, there are guidelines, but we have seen how breaking those guidelines have given us some spectacular results. This article is an attempt to give you a few more of those guidelines, sometimes you can follow these and on other occasions, try to be a rebel! 

Source: https://www.flickr.com/

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5 Simple Steps for Organising your Photographs

Click! Click! Click! But how to revisit what you have clicked? Keeping your photographs organised is a herculean task! Where to begin? How to end? Argh! It is frustrating! But then, it is also important. If you don’t keep your photographs organised, you’d either forget half of the photos that you have clicked or you’d spend hours at a stretch trying to find that one image you vaguely remember that you had clicked. Managing your content isn’t easy. I mean, there is a reason why companies make a living out of such softwares! But, if you follow a simple routine while you import your images, you’d make your life much simpler and a lot less frustrating. Here are a few guidelines to help you organise your photographs better.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/

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Introduction to Shutter Speed for Beginners

DSLRs are a huge rage today. Most often, people buy these cameras in a hope to click stunning photographs by simply clicking the shutter button. What they miss out is the knowledge one needs to correctly operate these cameras to their maximum efficiency.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/

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These Easy Organization Tips are a Must-Read for Every Photographer

Losing your mind over the sheer amount of photographs lying in your laptop with no way to find them? You lack proper organisation! You see, when you’re working, the last thing you want is to sift through hundreds of photos on your computer, no matter how much you think you remember where you’ve stored them. Laymen don’t click as many photographs as professional photographers, and so, you need a set of proper organisational techniques to help you save precious hours. Sit back, and read on:

Source: http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/

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Signs you’ve done too much Editing on your Photos

Say what you want, editing is fun. Playing with exposures, changing moods through colours, and filters – oh God, the filters – give you a high that’s just too hard to recover from. So much so, that you end up completely relying on your photo editing tool for your photography. This, however, is bad on two parts – first, you don’t put as much effort into clicking raw (there’s always a photo corrector tool back home, right?), and second, you don’t realise how far you’ve gone with your editing.

A good way to stop relying on your photo editor so much is to draw the line. The line that dictates how far it is okay to go before your photo starts looking made up. To help you with that, here are some signs you need to detect:

Sign #1: The details are lost.

Photography is all about getting the details right. However, if adjusting the colours and white balance has taken away the very details you wanted to capture, you know it’s time to hit “undo”. Don’t overexpose or underexpose either. It’ll only tarnish the highlights of the image and leave you with nothing but hazy outcome.

Source: http://photographyconcentrate.com/

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