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“Much of my work deals with large spaces.”

John Paul Caponigro is among the most celebrated creative visual artists in the world. He is also a highly sought after speaker, lecturing extensively at conferences, universities, and museums. In this exclusive video, he walks us through some of his best creations and talks about what quality in a print means to him.

“Much of my work deals with large spaces.” from Fotoflock on Vimeo.

Getting candid with Jeff Schewe

Award winning advertising photographer and leading pioneer in the field of digital imaging, Jeff Schewe talks about his obsession with print making.

Getting candid with Jeff Schewe from Fotoflock on Vimeo.

“Our legacy, as photographers, is the print.”

An icon of photography, Greg Gorman has photographed virtually every beautiful face this world has seen. His mastery over lighting is evident in his nudes, which have been widely regarded as a marriage of sensuality and mystery. In this exclusive video interview, Gorman discusses the importance of a good print and more

Untitled from Fotoflock on Vimeo.

Video interview with Epson Stylus Pro, Douglas Dubler

Fashion, beauty and fine art photographer Douglas Dubler tells us why the Epson 9900 has become an essential part of his creative process and more.

Untitled from Fotoflock on Vimeo.

Why Jay Maisel swears by Epson

Listed among the 20 most influential photographers of all times by PDN, Jay Maisel is best known for capturing the extraordinary in our daily mundane lives. Some of his commercial accomplishments include five Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers, the first two covers of New York Magazine and the cover of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue (the best-selling jazz album of all time) among others.

In this exclusive video interview, Maisel shares his admiration for Epson printers and how they allow him to translate his vision into a matte surface print.

Untitled from Fotoflock on Vimeo