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20 Jan 2017
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18 Jan 2017
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17 Jan 2017
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15 Jan 2017

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Photo Feature: The Chilled Life in Goa

The land of good times, one of the most chilled out holiday destinations in the world, breathtakingly beautiful beaches, picturesque landscapes, reasonable alcohol and fantastic food. What can we say about Goa that hasn't been said before? Amit Gadgil shares a handful of pictures he clicked during his recent visit. If nothing else, these shots could easily make you forget the hustle bustle of city life and pack your bags for a quick getaway. Enjoy!

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Capturing birds at Rehkuri

After a long rainy break, we set out for the new Birding Season with a trip to a fairly unknown place called Rehkuri in the Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra. Through the entire journey we were apprehensive about the sightings but boy! Were we pleasantly surprised!!!

A rich haul of lovely species of birds, some wonderful sightings of Blackbucks in the seemingly endless grasslands, lovely evening light at the sunset followed by a superbly lit starry sky absolutely made the trip a full Paisa Vasool excursion.

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‘My Best Shot’ by Brahma Prasad

Tea gardens – if you haven’t experienced the tranquility of one yet, you’re missing out on one of the best feelings in life. The North-East is a heavenly place for those on a quest for serenity and peacefulness and those who’ve visited it, know that it’s true. So, we take our “My Best Shot” series forward with Brahma Prasad’s shot of the famous Temi Tea Garden in Sikkim. Read up on as he shares his experience with us…

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'My Best Shot' by Narayan Pramanik

Festivities have us rolling! Various idols, and various ways to capture them. Narayan Pramanik clicked this one in West Bengal and thinks this one is his best click so far. He shares the details of the shot with us, along with the technique. Read up on, you might find some inspiration!

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