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Fantastic Beaches in Pictures and Where to Find Them

There’s something so incredible about photographing the color blue. Be it in the expanse of the sky, peppered with fluffy clouds, or on the gleam of the feathers of a Kingfisher, blue is just one of those colours that calms you and changes your mood. Which is why when we started looking at pictures of the blue of the ocean, we totally just calmed out so much we want a vacation now. 

If you’ve ever seen the blue of the ocean you’d know that a beach vacation is one of the most fulfilling vacation experience in the world, just lazing on the tropical sands, looking out at the expanse of water, or swimming out and scuba diving into a whole new world.  So after you have viewed this amazing collection of photographs that capture some of the best beaches in the world, please don’t blame us if you spend a bomb travelling to any of these places!

Bora Bora, French Polynesia.

One of the most iconic beach destinations in the world, it doesn’t take an expensive camera or an intriguing angle to capture the beauty of this place. Yet, some people just do this place an extra dollop of justice through their photos. 

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Right in the Caribbean is this fantastic island that is just so gorgeous and blue that you can’t stop clicking! The famed Caribbean sunsets are something else, in Jamaica.

Source: http://www.theupperdeck.ca/

Source: http://www.borongaja.com/

Zakynthos, Greece.

We know Greece. Serene beaches, white sands, ridiculously beautiful water, many islands.  But not many have heard of Zakynthos , or as it is known, Shipwreck Cove Beach. This place can get a little touristy, but it is TOTALLY worth it. I mean, have you seen these photos?

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Cathedral Cove, New Zealand.

Well, they shot Chronicles of Narnia here, and this place looks a little like heaven. We could stare at pictures of Cathedral Cove all day, really.

Source: Andy Belcher

Source: http://whangamata-backpackers.co.nz/

Source: http://tripschannel.com/

Puerto Rico.

Yet another Caribbean favourite, Puerto Rico is another island nation that has such beautiful coastlines that you might just consider migrating to the Caribbean. The Blue Beach – so blue they named it after the color, Mosquito bay – where bio-luminescence goes to the next level, and Sandy beach – where the sunsets are magical to name a few (Okay, they aren’t very good with the naming thing)

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