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5 Cool Photography Challenges that Promise to Make You a Better Photographer

Challenges are fun. Challenges are exciting. And, challenges make you a better photographer. How, you ask? They help you get out of that convenient comfort zone of yours, push your artistic limits and set a routine. So, you not just hone your skills the right way, but become a more manageable professional too. That said, what are these challenges we speak of? Well, they’re nothing but itsy-bitsy tasks spread across a week, month, or the entire year, depending upon how long a challenge you want! Try out the following; we’re sure you’ll enjoy completing them.

1. Photography 365

A long, albeit very easy challenge, this one’s nothing but clicking a new photograph every day. An easy way to make this happen is to capture that one thing that made your day. For instance, you liked reading this article on your laptop. So, go ahead, click a photograph of the desk you’re at, and save it in a folder. Keep adding to your folder until the 365th day; just imagine how cool it would be to look back at this year through your clicks.

Source: https://lightproofbox.com/

2. 52 Weeks. 52 Techniques.

This one’s for all the budding photographers out there! If you’re not yet well-versed with the technicalities of photography, this challenge could help you to a great measure. Simply pick one new technique every week, learn all about it you can by viewing the works of other photographers, and go out in the wild to shoot. Start with a simple “Rule of Thirds” and work your way up to more complicated techniques like light painting etc.

Source: http://www.tonyeveling.com/

3. 30 strangers.

Overcome your shy attitude by clicking portraits of random strangers on the street each day of the month. Unless you’re living under a rock, you may have heard of the extremely popular photography page on Facebook called “Humans of New York”. Take inspiration and similarly, click 30 people – right from kids to senior citizens – weave a story around them, and upload them on your social media channels.

Source: http://digital-photography-school.com/

4. B&W.

Sounds simple, but its impact on the way you see things couldn’t be overstated! For a month, just click things in B&W. This will help you get better at judging as to what subjects work better in mono, and what don’t. Moreover, this will also help you dictate the mood you wish to present your photographs in. After all, the myriad strokes of grey have one too many stories to tell, don’t they?

Source: https://static.bhphotovideo.com/

5. Colour Crush.

Quite the opposite of the afore-mentioned B&W challenge, this one incorporates picking a single colour for a week or a month, and click photographs only incorporating that. For example, if you pick green for January, you can start by clicking trees, grass and herbs, and so on. Imagine the exercise your eyes are getting this way – cool, isn’t it?

Source: http://miriadna.com/

Got any fun photography challenges you’d like to share with us? Tell us in the comments below.