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The Best Photographs of 2016 from the TIME’S Photojournalists’ Galleries

As we enter 2017, here’s a compilation of all the best photographs from the galleries of TIME’S Photojournalists. 

In 2016, photographers were commissioned across the globe to shoot photographs for the TIME’S magazine. The past year has been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride for the news industry. We witnessed some ground breaking events, we saw countries rejoicing and we saw countries suffering. TIME’S Photojournalists have managed to capture these emotions from across the globe. 

In a hope that 2017 will be a safer, happier, and a positive year for the entire world, let’s revisit 2016 through the lens of TIME’S Photojournalists.

1. The U.S. Election Campaign, from Hilary Clinton’s point of View.

Credits: James Nachtwey for TIME

2. Migrants from Indomeni crossing a river in a hope to reach Macedonia.

Credits: James Nachtwey for TIME

3. Reconstruction continues even a year after the Nepal Quake.

Credits: James Nachtwey for TIME

4. Life inside a crowded prison cell in Venezuela.

Credits: Alvaro Ybarra Zavala—Getty Images Reportage for TIME

5. Donald Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Credits: Landon Nordeman for TIME

6. Uncovering the ISIS Mass Grave in Libya.

Credits: Lorenzo Meloni— Magnum Photos

7. A message after the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting.

Credits: Christopher Morris—VII for TIME