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Rushit Parmar
23 Feb 2017
22 Feb 2017
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21 Feb 2017
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20 Feb 2017
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19 Feb 2017
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18 Feb 2017

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Off the Rings

ArulFeaturing the work of photojournalist Arul Horizon, “Off the Rings” was like bringing the circus back to life.

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A circus has a life of its own and Arul Horizon’s photographs portrayed the art form in all its glory.

The exhibition showcased different moods of circus artists captured by Horizon – principal photographer with The Indian Express – over four years across various circus venues. The striking picture collection looks deeper into the seemingly alluring life of circus artists.
According to Horizon, “The 75 photographs in a way show the real picture of the circus group ‘Rambo’.” Horizon has captured the numerous facets exceptionally well. In his hunt to capture the intricate details of the busy lives and emotions of these artists, Horizon accompanied them all the way to Surat.

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War Zones

Ryan-LoboRyan Lobo recounts the horrors of filming documentaries in three conflict zones.

"If the Taliban attacks you, we will defend you to the death," says the Afghan poppy farmer via our translator.

"But there are just a few of you," I reply.

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The Liquid Realm

umeedUmeed Mistry is a nature lover, photographer, closet writer, scuba instructor and chocolate addict, with a deep and special affinity for the ocean.

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Having learned to dive at the age of fifteen he has spent the last twelve years attempting to get as intimate as possible with the ocean and her children. Umeed’s journey into underwater photography began in 2005 while managing a dive centre on the little island of Bangaram in the Arabian Sea. The earlier years spent underwater, observing the movement of light and the behaviour of the magical creatures that inhabit this liquid realm, provided him with an almost instinctual aptitude for photographing life beneath the surface of the sea.

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India Explored | Shades of Interestingness

Photographers @ PunePhotographers @ Pune is a popular community that has over 750 members and has been active in Pune for over two years now. The photographs that were exhibited recently at their "India Explored | Shades of Interestingness" exhibition included the vividness and diversity of our country in terms of culture, places, ethnicity, tradition, music, food, nature and wildlife.

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This exhibition also promoted and popularized photography and at the same time supported a social cause. The group will be sponsoring children from an orphanage \'Apala Ghar\'. Additionally, donations were collected from visitors to the exhibition, the proceeds of which will go to the orphanage.

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SpacesLast month, New Delhi was witness to one of the finest group exhibitions in a long time. ‘Spaces’ saw Sunny Khullar, Udit Kulshrestha, Sanjay Nanda, Sunando Mazumdar, Babli Das and Mazhar Elahi showcase some fine work.

The exhibition displayed the synergy between those who are shunned and isolated by society due to their intellectual disability and those who are loved and revered by society for their artistic genius. The former provides an inspiration for the latter who further develops it into a thing of beauty.

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