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Mahul Milan Mukherjee | 25 Feb 2017
24 Feb 2017
Rushit Parmar
23 Feb 2017
22 Feb 2017
Subhodip Banerjee
21 Feb 2017
Anish Ghosh
20 Feb 2017
Abhi Ghosh
19 Feb 2017

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Photo Perspective: Ladakh and other Himalayan regions

Ajay JainAjay Jain, a full time writer, blogger and photographer based in New Delhi, recently held his photo perspective on Ladakh and other Himalayan regions. He is not limited in his medium of expression, equally comfortable writing for newspapers and magazines, as well as his own books and blogs. We bring you some select images from the exhibition that ran from November 19-21 at Delhi’s India Habitat Centre.

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Frames of Mind 08

Frames of Mind 2008

Is a photograph really about what you see? Or is it about how you see what you see? 

At Bangalore Photography Club, we believe that a photograph is about a frame of mind, a perspective. When a frame not only tells you what to see, but what to hear, smell and feel you know it’s more just a snapshot. It’s a photograph.

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Showcasing the work of more than fifty artists across photo categories as well as winning photo documentaries, Bangalore Photography Club is delighted to welcomes you to the online exhibition, of Frames of Mind 08. The exhibition was also held recently at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore from 29th to 31st August and was sponsored by Epson. 

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Online Exhibition: Wedding Season

Ryan Lobo

I shot most of the wedding images at a time in my life when I was going through great emotional turmoil and pain. The woman I loved had left me, my dog had died and the documentary films I had dedicated my life to, seemed sensationalized and far removed from the romantic visions I had of the same when I had begun making films. My constant traveling had removed me from family and lover; the world seemed smaller and from a distance, on reflection, so did I.

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The experiences I had overseas and in various parts of India had made me question my own ideas of love and community. Documentary filmmaking had treated me well. I had made enough money to want to do the same despite the change in vision and I found myself financially comfortable, being patted on the back by friends and family, earning in "dollars" too.

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