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Off the Rings

ArulFeaturing the work of photojournalist Arul Horizon, “Off the Rings” was like bringing the circus back to life.

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A circus has a life of its own and Arul Horizon’s photographs portrayed the art form in all its glory.

The exhibition showcased different moods of circus artists captured by Horizon – principal photographer with The Indian Express – over four years across various circus venues. The striking picture collection looks deeper into the seemingly alluring life of circus artists.
According to Horizon, “The 75 photographs in a way show the real picture of the circus group ‘Rambo’.” Horizon has captured the numerous facets exceptionally well. In his hunt to capture the intricate details of the busy lives and emotions of these artists, Horizon accompanied them all the way to Surat.

Arul-20x30The photographs take the viewers behind the circus curtains once the show is over and the lights are off. They provide a vivid depiction of the hard work and sufferings that these artists endure to entertain the audience. Horizon recalls, “I was amazed when one of the clowns was down with an illness on show day but still went out in the ring and left the audience in splits. There was a couple who rushed to the ring for their performance minutes after their wedding. I was deeply touched when I came across a trapeze artist who had to now slip into the apparel of a joker because he broke his back while performing.”