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Mahul Milan Mukherjee | 25 Feb 2017
24 Feb 2017
Rushit Parmar
23 Feb 2017
22 Feb 2017
Subhodip Banerjee
21 Feb 2017
Anish Ghosh
20 Feb 2017
Abhi Ghosh
19 Feb 2017

Shooter - Winter is Here



1. How do I upload photos to the gallery?
To upload your ‘portfolio’ to the Fotoflock.com Gallery, you need to be a registered member of the flock (Fotoflock.com community). To register, click here and follow the steps.

2. I have registered, but still cannot upload photos… help.
A common mistake many make is not go over to the Gallery section. If you have signed in, click on “Gallery” in the top menu. Click “Your Album” from the top links (if you are signed in; if not, sign in and then click) and choose “Add Items” from the left menu. Choose the photos on your computer and upload them.
In case this is not the problem you are facing, you should also see if:

3. How can I participate in the Photo of the Month Contest?
The Photo of the Month (POTM) contest automatically enters all Photo of the Day (POTD) entries for a month. To have a POTD, you need to just have a Portfolio in the Fotoflock Gallery. Our editors go through the photos daily and choose one as the POTD. There is no other way to have a POTD and therefore enter the POTM contest.

4. Can I send you a photo for the POTM or POTD contests?
No, these photos will not be entered for either contest. As described in question 3, only photos from the Fotoflock Gallery can be entered in the POTD/POTM.

5. How can I receive my prizes?
If you are the winner of a Fotoflock contest but haven’t yet received your prize, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will look into it. To ensure that you get your prizes, please be sure to mention your complete postal address including zip code and also your phone number when entering a contest or submitting details.

6. My name is not mentioned in the Members Gallery. Why?
The Members Gallery lists all members of Fotoflock. This list includes (primarily) those users who have a portfolio in the Gallery. If you are have signed up, but don’t have your Portfolio, there is a good chance your name may not be in the Members’ Gallery. It’ll be added, but the faster, surer way of having your name is to upload photos to the Gallery.

7. Is your website free?
Free as in beer. Yes, the site is completely free for visitors, registration and photo uploading.

8. How much capacity does the site offers to store photos?
There is no limit on how much you can upload. Just remember that individual photos cannot be heavier than 2MB.